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Territory is a Cut Above the Rest

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July 3, 2014

Territory came to us with an informative but outdated site that was in desperate need of modernization. Since their bread and butter is videos and editing, we designed their new website with video in mind, featuring full-width videos on the homepage, and a full-width video gallery for all their awesome work.

We kept it clean and simple, with a heavy focus on videos to best showcase for their clients what they can do. We wanted their site to be fun, professional, and most of all, show their skills and impressive client-base by letting the videos do the majority of the talking.

Located just a scant 2.3 miles from our own offices, Territory is an absolute joy to work with. They’re a premiere full-service creative boutique that specializes in creative editorial and post-production. So, like the title says, a “cut” above the rest! Get it? It’s an editing joke.

Like us, they have an impressive, eclectically designed space that’s showcased within their site. If you’re in need of a highly skilled and wonderfully friendly team of experienced editors, you should check them out.