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Duffey Petroskey
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At Duffey Petrosky, the right answer is all that matters, and occasionally that right answer is Mercury Studio. Mercury Studio aligned with Duffey Petrosky back in 2012, and have worked closely with their team on complex web work and even the recent redesign of their website. Primarily a print marketing and advertising agency, the team at Duffey Petrosky occasionally needs to develop strategies and perform work on their client’s websites, and in those cases, Mercury Studio has been there to lend our vast expertise and a helping hand.

At Mercury, we enjoy working with Agency clients like Duffey Petrosky. It allows us an opportunity to work on fun, interesting projects and be deeply involved with larger-scale clients than we may normally encounter. We get to work with a diverse, experienced team on high-profile, exciting projects, and overall it’s just a win-win for everyone.