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New Additions to the Mercury Team

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November 25, 2014

Mercury Studio has recently welcomed aboard two new hires to our elite squadron of digital warriors– Programmer/Web Architect/Technical Problem-Solver Paul Baugher & Intern Extraordinaire Paige Templeton.

Paul is a consultant and entrepreneur with over 15 years professional experience, who is able to explain technical details of any project in layman’s terms while maintaining technical integrity. He supports standardization of the development process, development of new techniques by experimentation and research, and enjoys pushing the limits of existing technology.

Here are five important facts about Paige:

  1. She has always dreamed of driving a pink monster truck, but couldn’t find a Pink Monster Truck Driving major to study in college.
  2. So, instead, she is a senior currently studying User Experience & HCI at Oakland University.
  3. Her favorite color is seafoam green.
  4. She can land a 360 on a snowboard. (Editor’s Note: This has not yet been witnessed or verified as an actual fact.)
  5. She blogs about her current projects & interests at