About Us

Work hard, play hard.

Never underestimate the power of the web. All too often, we encounter a business that doesn’t recognize or value the importance of a solid web presence, and we pride ourselves on doing all we can to help these poor souls.

We develop innovative solutions on time and on budget. We flex our creative muscles to create great designs for mobile apps, games, web-based training and eLearning, eCommerce carts, blogs, and anything else you might need.

We will provide custom development and programming solutions to accomplish your business’s goals and objectives.

While a great-looking and great-performing site will be amazing to the user, your site also needs eyeballs to really be effective. Our expert Marketing team can offer recommendations for improvements and best practices, and we will do our level best to improve your rankings.

We want your business to do great on the web, and we’ll design, develop, market, and generally awesomeize to the moon and back.

Deadline Driven

We hate missing deadlines. We plan our projects carefully around our client’s expectations of delivery, and we do what we need to in order to make that happen. Mercury Studio delivers on time.


We may have a pinball machine and pool table in our office, but we honestly rarely use them. We may not wear suits to work, but we take our work seriously. We treat our clients, their websites, and our projects with respect.


Employees at Mercury have been doing what they do for years. Some have been doing it for Mercury the whole time. Others were brought in from other companies after learning a very particular set of skills. We’ve all worked hard, and will continue to work hard, for our clients.


You’d be surprised at how quickly a small team can work. Mercury Studio is basically a super-concentrated jolt of power. We mentioned that we always hit our deadlines, and by keeping ourselves sleek and ultra-quick, we’re able to accomplish that.


Zac and Josh Ball have been featured numerous times in newspapers for their groundbreaking and ahead-of-their-time mobile app experiences. We’re comfortably nestled in downtown Royal Oak, Michigan, and have the connections, client-base, and experience of a much larger agency.


We all took a metaphorical vow to never disappoint our clients. We strive daily to deliver quality work at an affordable rate, without sacrificing detail. Our work is done on-time, professionally and expertly. Mercury Studio just plain gets it done for our clients.
Our Hard Workers

Experienced people that will empower your ideas.
The team behind all the projects is here.

  • Director of Innovations

    After earning a Mechanical Engineering degree at Kettering, Zac Ball emerged wide-eyed and idealistic with a vision. That vision would become Mercury Studio. …

  • Visual Virtuoso

    Josh Ball always has paint under his nails, pens in his pocket, and probably tucks his Wacom tablet into bed at night. What …

  • Business Strategist

    Chris Wilson has spent the better part of three decades in the learning and communications industry. He’s excelled in the account development role …

  • Director of Production

    Having been a computer nerd his whole life, Nate was destined to do this work.  Taking apart computers and putting them back together …

  • Pixel Princess

    Jacqui is the very second employee hired, soon after Nate. Jacqui is a degreed graphic designer from the College of Creative Studies, and …

  • Digital Samurai

    Nick is a a designer with the heart of a developer, or maybe a developer with the brain-parts of a designer. Equally skilled …

  • Senior Designer

    Wade is designer through and through. With a love of design that goes back to his tween years, Wade has worked his way …

  • Project Manager

    With a drive to hit project deadlines, an eye for the details, and a spirit of collaboration, Steve Flake has been managing educational …


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Well, shucks, we’re just a simple country full-service digital agency, trying to make it in this crazy world. We’d love to talk with you and tell you in person why we’re the best choice for your business’s Web 3.0-facing future. Drop us a line, visit our space, send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.