Digital Design

Graphic design is the backbone to your website. Nailing your design is what Mercury Studio strives for.


Web Development

“Coding is the closest thing we have to a superpower.” says Drew Houston, DropBox creator. We couldn’t agree more.


Web Hosting

We want to give your website a cozy place to rest its head. Let Mercury Studio host your website.


Search Engine Marketing

You know the most about your business. We know the most about how to help people find you.



We’ve been around the block a few times. Guarantee we’ve done or know a lot about whatever your site needs.


Welcoming Environment

We love where we work. We think you’ll love it too. Check out what The Space @ Mercury can offer your next event.

Why Mercury Studio?

Mercury Studio is an experienced, efficient, full-service web development agency nestled in the heart of Royal Oak, Michigan. Our location is ideal to do business with the entire Metro Detroit area, and we in fact make frequent trips to client offices in Dearborn, Warren, Farmington, and Rochester. Our client’s satisfaction is paramount, and we make sure our projects are delivered on-time, on-budget, and absolutely perfect. Find out more about us here.

Let Us Show You What We're Capable Of
Get in touch with our company and be amazed...

Never underestimate the power of the web. All too often, we encounter a business that doesn’t recognize or value the importance of a solid web presence, and we pride ourselves on doing all we can to help them reach their full potential.

Process Workflow

This is all about you, our client. We start by getting to know you and your business. We want to understand your goals, your past, and your vision for the future. Then we can help you reach those goals.

We take care of everything. We design, we code, we program, we write, and we test. You need a new website? We’ll take your business into the Web 3.0. You need an app, maybe a game? We’ll make it happen. Then you get all the benefit.

Once we’re satisfied, and have made sure that you’re satisfied, your project is ready for the world to see and experience. We offer Marketing services to help increase your rankings, and we thoroughly test all of our work across relevant browsers before going live.

Our Promise

We hate missing deadlines. We plan our projects carefully around our client’s expectations of delivery, and we do what we need to in order to make that happen. Mercury Studio delivers on time.

We may not wear suits to work, but we take our work seriously. We treat our clients, their websites, and our projects with the utmost respect.

Employees at Mercury have been doing what they do for years. Some have been doing it for Mercury the whole time. Others were brought in from other companies after learning a very particular set of skills. We’ve all worked hard, and will continue to work hard, for our clients.

You’d be surprised at how quickly a small team can work. Mercury Studio is basically a super-concentrated jolt of power. We mentioned that we always hit our deadlines, and by keeping ourselves sleek and ultra-quick, we’re able to accomplish that.

Zac and Josh Ball have been featured numerous times in newspapers for their groundbreaking and ahead-of-their-time mobile app experiences. We’re comfortably nestled in downtown Royal Oak, Michigan, and have the connections, client-base, and experience of a much larger agency.

We all took a metaphorical vow to never disappoint our clients. We strive daily to deliver quality work at an affordable rate, without sacrificing detail. Our work is done on-time, professionally and expertly. Mercury Studio just plain gets it done for our clients.

A Little About Our Past

Mercury Studio started out way back in 1998 when brothers Zac and Josh Ball decided to combine their respective engineering/programming skills and professional illustration/design like some sort of web design Captain Planet. They still work with their first-ever client, and have rolled up an amazing team of passionate young developers and designers, and a wealth of local and global clients in every industry.

  • Thank you Jim and everyone who helped with our new website. It looks fantastic! The new site is such a breath of fresh air. Every one of you were a pleasure to work with. Mercury Studios has provided some of the best customer service I have received. I really do appreciate all your guys’ help with the re-design. Once again, thank you for all your hardwork!

    Julia McKinney
    Pediatric Special Care, Inc.
  • I’ve given you the nickname of "Miracle Worker." Thanks for rocking out the changes... [they] look great, thanks for knocking these out so quickly! Total tears of joy.

    Kate Chelovich
  • I can not thank you and your team enough. You guys put together a beautiful site in very little time. Please let everyone involved know that Terry, Myself and everyone here at TERRITORY say Thank You! We heart Mercury Studio. xo Sarah

    Sarah Fisher
    Territory Post